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I've got myself a spewer! Rss

Just taken care of a 3.5month old beautiful boy. He is having such a hard time of keeping his bottle down! I find we are both changing clothes and showering constantly through the day. Been to the Dr and they recommended putting him to sleep on his side and head lifted a little as he was chocking terribly through the night. Any ideas on how else to keep it down?? Bottle brands?? Mini feeds?? Thickener??

Help!! My washing pile is growing out of control!!


Kate - Baby Girl aged 9months

Oh dear, I had one of those and she didn't grow out it until 12 months, and even after that had the occasional spew. I'm sorry to say that nothing much worked and you just have to deal with the laundry!

As you get used to it though, you learn to predict when it's coming and can do a better job of catching it on say, one sheet, rather than having it go over a full set of his clothes and your clothes. We had some small flannelette wraps that were quite handy to be placed over the baby to catch everything. Funnily enough they were a gift and completely useless as wraps, but worked really well to catch the spew!

My DD was fully breastfed so I can't offer advice about whether a particular formula or bottle might work better, but certainly changing sleeping positions and things like that didn't help at all!
my son was a terrible spewer and dribbler. he was a spewer until 16 months and he was a dribbler until he was almost 3 sad

to limit the vomiting we tried many things but the combination that worked the best was nanha gold formula with karicare formula thickener.
we also gave him brauers colic drops with each feed aswell.

it is very hard and im praying i dont get another chuckie baby lol but you will soon find what works best and learn to just live with it. my health nurse assured me most of them grow out of it at about 6 months when they are sitting up more and their valves are more mature.
Thanks girls, will try each and every one!

Kate - Baby Girl aged 9months

I've got a little chucker since I've been using karicare thickner it has improved heaps, she's gone from basically spewing up a whole bottle to just a tiny bit when she burps or nothing at all smile
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