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Hi Ladies,

I'm after a bit of advice.

DD2 turned 1 a week ago and I'm trying to wean her on to cows milk. She's on Nan Ha 2 and is having 3 bottles a day. I've tried to give her bottle of cows milk at lunch, she refused it. I went to health nurse for her check up and she said to give it to her in a sippy cup. She will not drink it. She has cows milk in her weet bix and eats cheese and yoghurt. I know she isn't intolerant to it but I'm at a loss what to do. I don't want to keep buying formula anymore.

I can't remember how I got DD1 on cows milk, it was so long ago.

Do I try and mix it with formula or do I just persist with the cows milk in the bottle and introduce the cup later? She can drink water from a sippy cup.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


For memory, l mixed 1/2 cows milk with 1/2 formula for a few days first to transition to the different taste. Some people mix 1/4 cows milk to 3/4 formula and slowly make the change to full cows milk.

And l still use a bottle for DD who is 14months. She just loves it so much l'm not yet willing to give up her bottle just yet cos she's the last bub!

When I tried to give ds just cows milk he'd refuse it so I started off mixing 3/4 formula and 1/4 cows milk, he took that no probs. Then slowly I changed it to being half/half for awhile until I was giving him full cows milk. He loved it! This was all in his bottle as we only use his sippy cup for water.

Good luck hun smile

Is there any particular reason you want to wean her?

With DD I felt that I needed to put her on cow's milk at 12 months as that's what the charts said, however after doing a bit of research I ended up keeping her on formula and by 15 months she weaned herself off bottles altogether. Ignoring the nutrition debate, when I worked it out... "per litre" the heinz formula was comparable to milk price-wise (although that was almost 6 years ago) and it's also easier to transport.

With both I never completely stopped formula at 12 months
I slowly introduced cows milk I started of in the morning if they didnt have cereal I would give them a cup of milk with what they were eating
And the bed time milk would be formula
They didn't always drink it all it was more that they had a taste and some days I'd make a game out of it and get my own sippy cup and eat and drink with my bub I was happy they took a few sips and what ever was left id put in the fridge and offer it with morning tea
Once I notice they would consume their milk completely I then gave cows milk before a bed time feed
I did it in little steps with them
With my nearly 14 month old she has just started this week having cows milk before bed
Thanks everyone for your replies. I've decided to ditch the sippy cup for the moment and to keep her on the bottle. This morning I gave her a bottle with 170ml formula and 70ml cows milk, she drank 140ml. I'm going to slowly reduce the formula and increase the cows milk and see how she goes.
Hopefully once she's on cows milk only, then I will tackle the cup issue.

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