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Dropping morning or night bottle Rss

Hi guys just wondering at what age did most people drop their bubs last bottles, and which was last morning or night my boy still has 1 b4 bed and 1 in morning b4 breaky but thinking its time to cut 1 or both, he is 14mths old?
i dropped henrys morning bottle at like 18 months (he has never been big on food, always preffered bottles) n now he only has one before bed n sometimes one mid day or arvo if he is really grumpy.
I always drop the night bottle last. As like others have said, it helps to settle them at night and fill their tummy for a good sleep!

Also, all my kids loved a good feed of warm Weetbix every morning so I knew they would still get a good stat for the day! Weetbix was always a staple in my kids diet when they were young. It was the one thing that they would always eat a large serving of!

Thanks guys my little man has a couple of weetbix too in the morning, same- I know he's had a really good stArt then. Might just hold off a week or two and see what happens, he hasn't been drinking his night bottle but that seems to be what everyone kept.
DD was around 18 months when we dropped her morning bottle. She still has a midday and night time bottle smile
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