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Food/sleeping Rss

Hi all
I'm just wondering as I am a new mum my daughter is 4 months old and a few weeks ago she was sleeping through the night but recently I have been putting her too bed at about 8:00pm and she is getting up at 2-3am for a feed
My mother In law and my mum suggested trying her for farax because she might need a little more then just milk
So I started that she has bottle at 6-6:30am and then farax at about 7-7:30
Then a sleep till about 10-10:30am then she will be up and awake for about 30mins then I give her a bottle then she might have another sleep till about 2-3:00pm then she has a bottle and then sleeps till 6-6:30pm she will then have a bath and then some puréed veggies then an hour after that well when she gets sooky has a bottle but this all seems to not be enough is there any tips use could give me to help me settle my baby of a night too try and sleep a longer period or am I feeding her too much sorry for not making sense but I'm a new mum and
Any advice is greatly appreciated

smile thanks Jade

At 4 months her main source of nutrition is milk. If she was only waking up once at night for a feed I would have thought that was great and would not have started on solids just yet. She may be unsettled at night because of the solids giving her a belly ache. Maybe try reducing the solids at night and offering her more milk instead.

I know breast fed babies tend to cluster feed at night so she may be doing that. Is she waking up at night more or is she sleeping ok.

Babies change sleeping patterns quite often, could be a growth spurt, teething, solids. My guess would be a growth spurt so I would up her milk not her solids.

Good luck. smile

I only started food because she was waking up
She would feed at like 8:00pm sleep about 2:00am and then up
Again about 4-5am because before she was sleeping
Right through

Was just very curious thank you
Is your bub on just 4 bottles a day? My 2 kids were both on minimum 5 bottles feeds at 4 months and if it was a growth spurt week up to 6.
eg, 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and a dreamfeed 10pm. I really would say that your bub needs extra milk. 4 months and 4 bottles just doesn't seem enough, I would say she's waking because she's hungry......for more milk! I found it helpful to research when the predicted growth spurt weeks were so I wasn't surprised when they woke up (extra hungry) or were extra fussy at these times.
What's her percentile for weight and height in relation to her age?

My twins also started only having 4 bottles of milk at 4 months and it was not a concern to the pediatrician because they maintained their 75th percentile and continued to sleep through the night for me.

She used to sleep through the night for you and does not do so now...I can only assume and also agree with the previous responses which are, hunger and growth spurt. She's a thriving baby and you're doing a great job!

Does she drain her bottles at each feed or does she leave a little behind? The tip from my pediatriain is this - the only way we know a baby is thoroughly satisfied from his/her milk feed is when there's a little bit of milk left behind. Therefore, I always made sure I gave a little more than necessary because sometimes my twins will drain the bottles and other times on the same day, they may not.

Four months is a great age to start weaning your daughter to solids and it would also seem that she takes well to this process. I would also suggest that you increase her "solid" meals to twice a day. Once at lunch and once at dinner.

In the past when she used to sleep through for you - did she do so straight after her bottle or is there a lag time of at least 30 mins from when she finished her bottle to putting her to bed? I am just wondering if she needs to re-learn how to put herself to sleep without any aid such as the bottle, cuddling or rocking.

Know that this is a normal development stage for any 4 month young and it is wonderful to have a baby that is growing so well and hungry for more! smile


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