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Help my baby want eat veg. Lock Rss

Hi, My baby has just gone 7mnt and has been on solids since about 5mnt. I tried defferent veg e.g. sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot and spud with her but just spits them out or turns her head away. When she does this she grizzles until I give in and give her some fruit or custard. She will eat fruit untill it comes out her ears. Have I made a rod for my own back? by giving into her and giving her fruit. I have been giving her three meals a day consisting of rice ceral with fruit for breakfast, tfor lunch try some veg then end up giving her fruit and some custard and same for tea.
Could some one give me some addvise as I am pulling my hair out.
How about mixing her veg with the fruit. At 1st you could add a bit and gradually add more until it is equal or there is more veg. Apples and pears you can pretty much mix with potato, pumpkin, swt potato. Swt potato tastes really nice with apple, very sweet.
I have a couple of suggestions, not sure if it will work for you though. I use to mix DD's veg with her rice cereal, gradually adding more veg, less cereal. The other thing I do with veg she isn't too keen on (like potato) is add a little gravy. She seems to be easily fooled by my mind boggling methods - LMAO !!!

I think its great that your bub has taken to fruit, that is really good - well done. I personally would try to steer away from custard at dinner. I kind of went for the standard type meals (in the beginning) - cereals/fruit for breakfast, yoghurt/custards for lunch and meat/veg for dinner. Having said that, until about 9 months all you are really doing is teaching them to eat so all you can do is what works.

Best of luck, I have no doubt you will get a load more suggestions.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi there,

My little girl Emma (now 6 months) is going through the same phase.

I started feeding her solids at 4 months and she absolutely adored the tins of vegies but now all she will eat is fruit/yogurt/custard etc. She will complain when I feed her vegies or any of the tin food that has meat in them.

I think there are some great ideas here though and will now start mixing the vegies bit by bit into her tins of fruit.

Thanks girls for the tip!!!

Hi Baby R,
Glad you had some success with the rice cereal! My wee girl doesn't really like veges by themselves either, but she likes mixes of more than one vege, like potato and broccoli (one of her faves), and she'll eat nearly any vege if I put a bit of meat with it, so I just have pureed beef mince in ice cube trays, and put a cube of mince with her veges when I heat them up - she's a mad wee carnivore!

This new forum is strange ...

i seem to be having the oppisite effect with Lillie

she loves any savoury food but will turn her head a way to anything sweet

guess i shouldn't complain though


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi, My little man gets funny about food with teething, tiredness, and sometimes just to display his healthy strong will!

If he wont eat his vegies I take it as a sign that he is not really that hungry- I then just give up on the solids for that meal and give him his b/milk. 9 times out of 10 by tea time he will eat his vegies quite happily!

As long as they are keeping up their liquid diet I wouldn't beat myself up about it!

(I can always eat sweets, even on a full tummy- that is what my desert stomache if for!!!)


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