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solids advice Lock Rss

so at 8-9months its reccomended that u swap bottles around with solids so solids are fed 1st then the bottle afterwards. also i saw plunket the other day and she said i was giving him 2 much in his bottles so have gone from 250mls to 200mls a day now.

DS is 10months old and since i have done these swap overs hes waking at 1-3am for a feed. do u think it will pass? or is he not getting enough now?

he has breakfast lunch and dinner with his bottles in between and an afternoon snack.

im preg with no 2 and finding it really tiring getting up during the night.
If bubby was happier before hand with more then I wouldn't change a thing smile. Especially if it kept him fuller at night and he didn't wake. grin Some of the things Plunket say's these days surprises me sometimes lol..

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