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hi ladies

I want to try baby led weening.
what sort of things do i start with DS is 6 months old and has been eatting pureed food for about 1 month
Is chicken okay? What stuff shouldnt i give him besides the obvious things full of salt and suger

How can i get DS to hold food in his hands (he doesnt have good grip yet)

TIA smile
Baby led weaning you need to stop giving puree foods for a start as they muck with the natural gag reflex that you need for baby led weaning.

par boiled brocilli, carrots, yams etc food cut up into finger like chunks. anything you are eating give the baby really except the junk food ... whole foods, introduce one at a time.

baby led weaning you start feeding solid type food at 6 months when baby is ready to eat and food is only complementry until the age of one.

have a wee google there are heaps of pages on this and some face book support groups if you look for it on there
Jess*91 wrote:
hi ladies

I want to try baby led weening.
what sort of things do i start with DS is 6 months old and has been eatting pureed food for about 1 month
Is chicken okay? What stuff shouldnt i give him besides the obvious things full of salt and suger

How can i get DS to hold food in his hands (he doesnt have good grip yet)

TIA smile

The best and easiest foods I found for my kids when they started solids (I think I did baby led weaning, as what I have done seems to fit the descriptions I have read) - were veggies steamed. Cooked spinach is great because they can grab handfuls of it and smear it everywhere and there is still plenty left for them to shove into their mouths grin As he gets older he will get better at grabbing his own food.

Meat and dairy solids - I think it is better to wait until about 8 months before giving those foods. I have read this in several places and this is the national recommendation for solids introduction for infants.
Hey i'm also interested in this but i already started DS on puree some time ago, Am I too late?

I tried baby led weaning with my second & didn't really like it. My 1st was a puree baby & slowly got chunkier. She is now 4 & my best & tidiest eater. My 2nd is an extremely messy eater & very picky (she is now 2.5yrs)...I believe this is because of the led weaning, because they encourage baby to feed themselves & to let them choose what they want to eat, rather than just giving them whatever I make. My 3rd is now 10mths old & I have done both puree & led weaning. He gets his main meals pureed, chunkier now he is older, but he also feeds himself big things like led weaning encourage.

I also found my 2nd choked constantly. I know led weaning says they can't choke because of the flap that covers their throat, but be prepared to be constantly digging chunks of food out. She was also always hungry because she couldn't get any food down, she could only suck on it, then would have the rest dug out while checking.

Good luck with it. I know some people who rave about it, but for me personally I didn't think it suited my children. smile
Dani + 1 wrote:
I'm not really into BLW either... I considered it with DS but my main concern is that from 6 months babies start to lose the iron stores they had from birth so need to eat iron rich food to replace it.

Most people will say it doesn't matter if babies don't eat much at first as its all about tastes and learning to eat. That milk is still the most important.
This is true but there are other reasons babies are recommended to start solids at or about 6 months, and the need for iron is one of them. Breast milk in particular doesn't have enough iron so you need to be sure your baby is getting it from other sources.

No disrespect to those who are advocates of BLW, I understand the concept of BLW, and I'm sure it works well for some but just wouldn't feel confident using it for my DS.
And I wouldn't recommend it so someone who's baby was already established on purees. I think its important to choose one or the other and stick to it.

Hi there,
I dispute the iron theory. It is very different for each baby and it totally depends on individual circumstances as to whether a baby needs iron supplements. Also BM is the best thing to give a baby for iron.

The iron stores start from birth. When you cut the cord before it stops pulsating, it stops the baby getting the vital blood it needs to stock up on iron for the first part of their life.

There isn't as much iron in bm as there are from other sources, but more of the iron is digested from bm. Basically if you give a baby an iron rich food such as farex, they only absorb about 10%. BM they absorb more like 70%. You would need to give them a hell of a lot of farex to get them to absorb anywhere near the amount they do from bm. You certainly wouldn't be able to give them that much without creating a lot of other gut issues! The other thing that impacts iron stores in a baby is the things that make it easier to absorb it. BM has things in it like vitc that increase iron absorption. (which is why in adults iron supplements are recommended to be taken with orange juice.) There are other factors that may mean a baby is low in iron such as being premature, formula fed etc. But in a healthy bf baby, the best thing you can give them for iron is bm.

Baby led solids in conjunction with bf should mean there should be no dramas with iron. If anything people give them too much iron rich foods which actually cause problems such as constipation.
^^ what oc1246 said. we blw, but if we had to use puree, bub would feed themselves with the spoon

Dani + 1 wrote:
I agree that BM is enough iron for the first six months, but once a baby hits six months their iron stores begin to deplete faster than they can be replaced by BM and their iron needs increase ten fold. While iron in BM is easily digested its in small amounts compared to foods where it is harder digested but in much higher amounts. Biologically - why do you think babies have those stores from birth?

But BLW or feeding purees seems kind of like a moot argument to me. Not quite on the scale of some that we are presented with as parents. You consider the facts and make your decision based on the needs of YOUR baby.
What I think is most important in terms of iron absorption (and the biggest trouble people seem to have) is waiting until the right time to start solids... Babies who start too early will not get what they need from solids because their digestive systems are physically incapable. And because they are having solids they may be having less BM or formula so in turn aren't getting what they need from that either. A baby who starts solids at 4 months (regardless of the method) has actually less iron stores at six months than a baby who remained exclusively BFed.

It depends on your babies iron stores as to when they rapidly start depleting. It has been shown that babies stores start depleting from between 6-12 months. Thats why the catch cry is milk is their main source of food until 1. Solids are not their main source of nutrition, they are complimentary. Blanketly giving every baby extra iron in case they are low without actually knowing, can be detrimental. With the common practice of early labours, early cord clamping and ff, then iron stores are not going to be as good as they should be then if babies were left to term, no no early cord clamping and bf.

I agree there is much less iron in bm. However so much more of it is absorbed then iron fortified cereals. Around 70% of iron in bm and 4% of iron in cereal. If a kid is ff with iron enriched formula, then given iron enriched foods, then you end up with an awful lot of iron in the diet. It is quite a debate as to whether iron enriched foods are necessary for a healthy, term, delayed cord clamped bf baby between 6-12 months. But I would agree with the babies that are already at risk of anaemia needing iron enriched foods.

I am not sure what you mean about biologically why they would need these stores from birth..... iron is in every cell, you need it to grow, digest etc. I would assume that they use a lot of it in that vital growth and development period. (especially for their brain) There is a theory floating around that it is low in bm to help prevent illness as bacteria need iron to survive and grow too. So it could actually be a protective safeguard while babies are so vulnerable. Who knows!

Totally agree with you though in terms of starting solids early and iron!
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