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Feeding routine for a 8 month old..suggestions? Lock Rss

my son is nearly 8 months old and i am having alot of trouble getting him to drink any milk now that he is on solids. Just wondering how much formula other 8 month olds have in a day and how to space it out to ensure he is getting enough. At the moment i am trying to give him 4 milk feeds of 200ml. One at 7, one at 11, one at 3 and then 1 at 6 and food is inbetween these times 2-3 times a day. He never wants to drink the milk at all and probably getting 100-150ml in at these times after 30-40minutes of struggling.
When do you offer him milk? Is it too close to having solid food possibly?
We have a 8month little girl & she has 4-5 bottles of 150ml a day also 3 solid food.
Ever since she was 6months old I was told to offer food first milk 2nd - so now we give her food first, playtime & then has milk before going to sleep.
I would recommend just trying to space out the time inbetween food & milk it might be he is stil full from the food.
Anyway hope he settles down for you soon smile

Hi, my dd is nearly 8mths, her routine is.
7am 210ml bottle
8am porridge and fruit
11.30am lunch, mashed veg filled by yogurt or custard.
2.45pm 210ml bottle
5pm tea, meat n veg
6.30 210ml bottle.

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