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Learning to drink by themselves Rss

Hello to all you mummies out there,

I was interested as to know when you started your children on the path to cups, and drinking by themselves? Be it water or formula???

I have a 5 and a half month old daughter, whom was born a month early, should I be giving her a cup to drink from already, or holding off for a little longer?

She is really good at holding things and putting things in her mouth, what ever she grabs goes straight in her gob lol

We have just started solids about a week ago, only baby rice cereal at the moment and somedays can be great and others does not want it at all.

She cant sit up by herself yet, but can sit there if we hold her. Therefore if we were to start her on the cup thing, would that mean I would have to put her in her high chair? She has not sat in that as yet, but it does recline to different positions.

Thanks for all your help ladies


Hi, I started Max on drinking by himself at around 6 months. I have found the best cup to be a tommee tippee one with handles and they need to suck on the teat, tip thing (not sure of technical name - LOL)
the same way as they breastfeed, Max picked it up quite quickly and now I leave his cup on a low table during the day and when he wants a drink he will go and get his cup, so cute!
I would probably try to introduce the cup while you are giving solid feeds and hold off on giving your bub the cup until she can sit on her own but you could sit her up and support her and give her a cup to play around with and get used to.
Hope this helps.

mum to two gorgeous guys

i started my bub with a cup with handles when she was 5 months
she is a very average baby but quite advance with her hands
she can hold each side and bring it to her mouth ,push it back to take a sip,it looks so cute
I give her cooled,boiled water with every soild feed,she has a spoonful then takes a sip
its a cracker


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Ebony,

I have the same problem as you.
Diana is not six and a half month old and she also doesn't know how to suck the cup. she was totally breastfed baby and now when I'm trying to introduce her a cup she just grabs it and plays. when I try to put it into her mouse she refuses it smile
the only option to give her drink is i have a separat cup with water when I feed her and give her drink after mouthfull in teaspoon - this seems to be working. So, teaspoon seems to be only way to give her drink.
I wonder if there is other way to give bubs drink or teach them suck the cup....

Diana is 22 months old

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