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strawberries? Lock Rss

So bubs is 6 and a half months old now and has been eating solids for about a month. My question is are strawberries a high risk allergen as I thought I read that somewhere, or is it safe for him to try them? There are no food allergies that run in the family.

They can cause a bit of a rash sometimes, especially if they have eczema,but my daughter has eczema and has eaten them, she was fine.

I think they are one to be careful of. I met a lady once who's daughter went to eat one and stopped as she was distracted by something, the strawberry touched her lip and she had a massive reaction. They were so lucky she didn't eat it. With my own kids I waited longer for them than other things because of that particular story but I figured that they showed pretty much no reaction to other foods and we don't have food allergies in the family so I decided we should be ok.

If you are going to maybe try a small amount or you can always cook them
Dd would eat punnets of the things if i let her. No issues from the word go- she's had them from about 8mo old

I gave them to ds at about six and a half months and had no issues grin
I waited until later to give my boys strawberries as the can have a nasty reaction

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