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  5. Does anyone have poo problems after introducing solids????

Does anyone have poo problems after introducing solids???? Rss

Hi mums,

I have started introducing solids to Diana a month ago. since that she has problems with poo, sometimes constipation (which occures for the rice occasionally).
She was totally breastfed baby and before solids did poo twice a day almost at the same time.
When we started solids (baby rice) she didn't do poo for 4 day.
Now she does poo occasionally - 2-3 days, sometimes 4 days, there was only once when she did poo on the next day.
Could you please advise????
Doctor advised to massage her tummy and give her water to drink, but this doesn't help.

Thanks in advance,

Diana is 22 months old

Hey SR - just want to confirm, are you saying your bub is constipated? I mean, its quite normal for bubs to only poo every 4 days.

If you are worried about constipation, then give your bubs some pear each morning - that works a treat with DD (regular part of her diet). If you are still breast feeding, if you eat some liquorice or other foods that help your bowels move, it will help your bubs too.

The water is a hard one, as depends on how your bub is going drinking out of a sipper/bottle. I found it didn't make a difference with DD, even the brown sugar water - but it does work for some bubs. The tummy massage is good for constipation. Hold your hand quite firmly across bubs belly, under her belly button - for as long as you can. Just do it a couple of times throughout the day. The other good one if you are particularly worried, is some puree'd prunes or some prune juice.

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Yes when i started bubs on solid she went 3 days without a poo
i bought prune juice and dialuted it with water and added it to food until her tummy got used to solids
she soon came around
if thigs get serious you can by "Coloxyl Drops" from your chemist ,add them to water,milk whatever you can get them in,they soon bring on poo,though i must warn not to use them often as they can cause bubs to develope a "lazy bowl"

best of luck,and this phase is completely normal(Lillie is back to 4 poo's a day)

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Dear SR,

Your little one's digestive system is still maturing and after having fluids for her nourishment for so long it will take some time for her body to adjust to rice cereal. Once she does and her body digestive system is able to process the rice cereal more efficiently, she may have more regular bowel movements once again.

Giving water will help, you could always offer this via a bottle with a slow flow teat inbetween spoonfuls of rice cereal. Sometimes too much rice cereal also can end up in constipation.

Is her poo quite dry? (sorry to have to go into details), perhaps if you pushed the fluids a little bit if for a day or so it may be easier for her to poo, either than or maybe slow down on the rice cereal (if that is the only solids you are giving her) until her poos are a bit more regular?

If all fails, go see the GP again, even a different one for a second opinion or advice.

I hope this was useful.


Thanks for promt responses.
I tryed the pear today and she did poo smile))
it is still very "hard" thought (like plastilin - doctor told us that it should be like toothpaste), even that she eats fruits and veggies (apple, banana, avocado, pumkin, zuccini, potato, carrot, broccoli).
But I hope it will be better soon.

We have a problem with giving her solids thought - she isnt used to drink from bottles or training cups (we still fighting on that - for a month) because she was totally breastfeed.

Diana is 22 months old

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