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Cracked and bleeding nipples :( Lock Rss

My DD 8months got her first teeth two weeks ago. My problem is they are rubbing against my nipple and making them bleed. I have started using a breast shield when feeding and that is helping, but my nipples just aren't healing. When I expressed a bottle for her this morning the milk was bright pink (blood in the milk) so I threw it away.

Any ideas how to help them heal quicker? I have tried lansinoh, pawpaw oint, bepanthen and sudocreme.

I enjoy feeding her and am not ready to start weening her sad
That's a great idea, would never have thought of that.
Thanks smile
in the early days of breastfeeding for me when I got cracked and bleeding nipples I was given a tube of bactroban to apply after feeds to help heal. seemed to work. I usually applied that and then lansinoh over the top. Dunno if you have tried those rite aid hydro pads, they are nice and soothing too. Or good ol' breast milk, express enough to cover nipples and wait till it dries a bit before pulling your bra up. smile

I agree... Breastmilk, air drying and loads of Lansinoh...avoid washing them! Just water in the shower, then cover with breastmilk again.
Poor you, it's awful. Lansinoh was my absolutely saviour - are you using very frequently and not wiping it off before feeding?
If you're not feeding during the night for a good few hours-lather on some active manuka honey-but this needs to be washed off before feeding again. It's an amazing healing aid tho. Could take arnica to promote healing too?
All the best.
I tried all creams, moisture pads, homemade remedies (walking around the house topless to air them out).....nothing was working. I ended up hospitalised with a temp of 40.8 from mastitis because of my cracked and bleeding nipples. The only way mine were healed was 6 days of strong antibiotics through many drips + pills and a nipple shield (the healing happened almost instantly). My lil man got a little bit sleepy and a crook tummy from antibiotics in the breast milk but it was worth it in the long run. Apparently if I'd just seen a doctor sooner for some antibiotic's and stopped taking concrete harden up pills I wouldn't have had that issue lol. If in doubt please go see a doctor, I wish I had sooner. smile
Thanks for all your advice, atm I am smothering with pawpaw straight after a feed and using breast milk prior to feeding and using a nipple shield. It's not fixed the problem but at least the bleeding seems to be settling down. Hopefully they will heal completely soon, fingers crossed smile
Hi there
Ouch! Sounds very painful!
I'd suggest trying some organic coconut oil on your nipples.
We use it for everything! My ds had a nasty stack the other day and took skin off his forehead, nose and top lip... With in a few days it was looking so much better.

I am kitty wink

So not even the breast milk?
Thanks smile
After a lot of perseverance we have had success. I'm back intact and my DD is behaving herself YAY!! Now to get rid of her dummy lol.

Thanks for your advise smile
For anyone else searching for solutions to cracked nipples, I just wanted to add that I've been using MADE OF nipple balm and it has helped me a lot!
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