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Hungry Hippo! Too Much Food? Nightmare at Mealtimes! Rss

Hi. I really hope someone can help me with this issue as I really have no idea what to do.

My little one who is 7months now loves his food. THough the problem is he carries on as soon as he sees the food and then when eating doesn't know when to stop, he would eat and eat till he throws up.

As soon as the bowl or bottle is in sight he screams and carries on, then I put him in his highchair and he growls in between each mouthful, like i am not giving it to him quick enough. Then when the bowl is finished he screams like he wants more (Even though he gets for example 7-8tablespoon full of veges). Then as soon as you hide the bowl and put his dummy in he is fine.
He also carries on when he sees us eating (even though he has just had his own dinner).
Has anyone experienced this with their own little ones?
Am I not giving him enough or is there some other underlying problem?
Please help!
Meal times are a nightmare....

Belinda, Vic, William 12.10.05

wow what a hungry little hippe lol

i really have never heard of sucha ahungry little boy

mabey one day you dhould just try it once!!!
Feed him till he doesnt want any!!

Lillie has days where she eats and eats and eats, sometimes 2 or 3 jars of baby food!!!!!!!!!!!


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Wow, that is interesting. DD has certainly got jelous when we are eating - although is good at letting me know when she is full. DH plays with DD while I get dinner ready, and like your DS - if she spots a bowl/glass/cutlery - she crawls up to her high chair, stands up and yells !!! I prepare it all in the kitchen and transfer when its ready for DD to eat. She is very impatient, suppose its good she is excited about eating.

Have you tried finger food yet? I was curious how your bub may act with that. What about giving your bub a baby spoon or some-thing to hold (rusk etc) during solid meals? I wonder if that might give him some-thing else to kind of do, so he isn't so focused on you feeding him.

That is certainly interesting, cute and a little bit funny. I hope its just a phase, although, hope your DS keeps enjoying his tucker !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


i couldnt believe what i was reading, it sounded as though you were talking about my daughter.
she is also 7 months and would eat all day long if she could.
my whole family laughs every time she sees food as she just cracks it and follows the food around.
when i have finished feeding her i give her a rusk and she is happy (she must think its more food).
but i know exactly what you mean about when other people try to eat in front of them, it we are having something she can nibble on such as a chip or a bit of french stick she will be satisfied, i also have to make sure she and my 2 year old eat at the same time or else she cries and tries to climb up to her and my 2 year old wants to feed her whatever she is having.
good luck

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

I'd feed him as much as he wanted as long as it didn't affect his bottle intake. Jeb too loves his food and would eat and eat if I let him but if he has too much solids it can affect how much bottle he takes and milk is bub most important thing up until 12 months. Jeb also is the same with our food. If we're eating and his just finished his meal he harasses us until he gets something!!! I don't mind so much but I always wonder how much food would he take if I just let him go for it without worrying about his bottles??? I don't think he'd!!
Thank God! thought i was the onlyone!
my DD is exactly the same she is 5 mnths but has been like that since 3months. As soon as that bottle goes in the microwave she chucks a fit thinking that its gone. She screams and grunts and furiously shakes her head when she wants food, which is all the bloody time! I have found it really hard to control how much she is eating because she seems like she is starving when I know she couldnt be. I have resorted to spreading her feeds out more through the day. I now refuse to give her more than 5 bottles a day (she used to want 9) and give her a teaspoon of pumpkin if she chucks a hissy! seems to have worked a bit although I have to have my meals with her otherwise she will want more food if i am eating.
The main thing I do now is take her for plenty of walks it seems that if she is outside she completely forgets about how hungry she is. Distraction is a wonderful thing!
Good luck, I can understand how frustrating it is. You can also try to substitute milk for water with one of the bottles too. Best of luck!

mel, gold coast, 10mth DD

This sounds familiar! My daughter is now 12 months old and yes she too sees her bottle or a bowl of food and her eyes widen and she follows me while saying "mmmm" then i sit her down to feed her and if i put the bowl down to get her a bib she screams. And yes when all the foods gone and I say "all gone" she screams but instead of putting in a dummy or settling her I just say "all gone" and go wash out the bowl and come back in with nothing and she could care less, it's like when she sees no bowl she goes on to play.

But i will say it is up to your baby how much they eat some need more than others right now at 12 months my bubs having a bowl full of food and doesn't complain is very satisfied and thriving.
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