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Meal variety for 7-8mth old Lock Rss

Hi I am just wondering what other people are feeding their babies, I'm worried I'm not giving him enough variety.

He eats as follows
Bfast - baby porridge with fruit puree
Lunch - alternate each day between fruit or vege puree
Dinner - meat, vege & rice/pasta puree

I am starting to puree everything a bit chunkier or just mash it. Is this enough variety? It seems so boring but I guess he doesn't seem to mind. I try to mix it up a bit so he's not eating the same veges or fruit every day. Also, should he have meat every day?
I didn't give dd meat everyday. About that age I also gave some finger foods like banana, avocado, pieces of cooked vegetables etc for her to get used to.

My DD is nearly 8 months old and not eating that much solid food yet as she much prefers boobie smile
I spoon feed her mashed fruit or veg most days and whatever we are having for dinner and she generally loves it. She's not a fan of teething biscuits or finger food as she gags if she has a larger piece of food in her mouth. My DS on the other hand was feeding himself finger food enthusiastically by the time he was 8 months old and preferred not to be spoon fed.
So all babies are different and it sounds like your DS is getting plenty and is loving it. I probably wouldn't give meat every day but a few times a week is fine I'm sure. At this age I don't think they care too much about variety but there's nothing stopping you from experimenting with different foods if he loves it. smile
There's a book my sister loves called

Food babies love which she says has been really helpful to her for feeding her little one.

I will be getting a copy of it when my first baby arrives this year smile

You could add a meal of natural yoghurt with some puréed apple mixed in to give some sweetener to it but still remain healthy smile
My DS is 7months and he has similar to what your little one is having, except he eats some yoghurt with fruit after his veg at lunch/dinner. He hasn't had much meat yet, mainly veg/yoghurt/fruit. But I think if he is happy eating what he is given, then its all good! smile
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