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6 month old not having solids?? Lock Rss

We have been trying for the past month or so to give my now 6 month old solids. I know she is ready because she has been showing all the signs.

However, when it comes to feeding her foods (we're trying the Watties baby food, etc) she just doesn't want anything. I've tried baby rice, and different pureed ones. We can hardly get a spoonful into her, either she spits it out or tries to grab the spoon herself.

Whenever we are eating anything though, she always wants to steal it so it's obvious she wants food but now I don't know if I should give her something that isn't pureed?

Anyway, when did everyones babies start eating solids? Did you do something other than pureed first? Mine seems to be interested in food and wants ours but just doesn't want what we give her!


have a look into baby lead weaning. the principle of it is that babies go directly to feeding themselves certain types of finger food. I did puree food for my eldest but actually found with #2 and #3 that blw was a lot easier because it fitted in more with what we were eating and meant it was possible for us to eat dinner all together with them feeding themselves rather than me sitting there feeding them and then eating later. It can be messy to start with and they don't necessarily 'eat' a lot but it's worth looking into a bit to see if you think it would work for you.

I agree, BLW is great. Our little one would eat puree but when blw was suggested we switched straight over and it made things so much easier for us at meal times. Have you tried a mesh feeder, our ds loved this too plus its great to put ice in for teething.

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