Hi I'm starting to think about starting my baby girl on solids when she's roughly 5-6 months old (4-6 weeks away yet). She's ebf and loves her milk! I find after she gets up in the morning she cluster feeds before going down for another sleep and the same at night time before going down for the night. From others experience with ebf baby once starting solids did you find that they didn't demand the breast as much with being full with food as well as milk? I understand milk is still the most important and offered before food.
Also how long after introducing solids does it usually take for baby to have 2-3 food meals eg, breakfast lunch and tea?
I find that she demands milk before bed and again after waking eg, milk, bed, milk, play, milk bed etc etc will the feed before bed drop if solids are introduced?
Thanks for your help sorry for all the questions so much to think about smile