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how to make meals for bubs with meat purees Rss

my daughter is 7 1/2months old and I was givimg her tinned baby food but want to give her fresh food.
i can sucessfully make fruit and vege but don't have any idea on the meat part, like the best way to cook it and puree it. any ideas would be great. any great recipes you think she might enjoy would love to try them:)

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

I just cut the meat up and pop it in when I am boiling up the veggies. Usually for about 20 mins to 1/2 an hour, so it it thoroughly cooked thru. After this I drain some liquid, leaving in a bit and puree.
Don't really have any recipes, but mince is a real favourite!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

I have done both beef & chicken. The first time I did chicken. I diced it, put it in a pot with some water & boiled it until it was cooked. Then I used some of the cooking liquid to puree it.

For the beef, I wrapped a bit of steak in foil & put it in the oven. When it was cooked, I just pureed it with some boiled water. Might try the chicken that way next time.

I have frozen the chicken & beef separately & then add it to the veges when I need it.

Hope this helps.

will give it a try:)

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

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