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I am going to start BLW in about three weeks (she will be 6 months). I need advice about how to cook the food im a big fan of roasting vegetables but im scared I wont cook it soft enough or if its cooked perfect the outside will be to hard eg like kumara.
I will boil/microwave fruit

What is the best way to cook veges?

Another question is she can sit up she watches us eat and gets grumpy at us for eating, is there anything wrong starting at 5.5months?


ps ANY advice is greatly appreciated
Nah there's no harm in starting now if she's doesn't accept it you can stop

My baby is 5 months (as of two days ago) she's been doing BLW for 3 weeks

Not sure about roasting veggies I don't do that and I haven't cooked any fruit but boiling is fine I boil veggies
Roasting veg is usually pretty easy. I don't find they are too hard after cooking. If you are worried just cut smaller pieces before you roast them. 45 mins at 180c usually does it fine for me.

Raw soft fruit is fine like banana, mango, kiwifruit, plums etc. Avocado is good too.

No need to cook anything or anyway special. Just give baby what you eat but mash or break it up a bit more. Special baby food used to be more relevant when babies were weaned at 3-4 months, but at 6 months they can pretty much take any food you eat. I am a fan of raw rather than cooked. So we started our children on bananas and avocados and soft foods like that. Having said that though one of our children ate raw apples and carrots at 6 months (he had teeth). With veges we cut the corn off the cobs and they love picking up the little pieces with corn and peas. A good tip is also to let the child pick up the food themselves if they can. That way is so much easier and easier to tell when they are full.
Check out this website:
There are recipes on there as well as tips from people. You can buy a Baby Led Weaning Cookbook which is very helpful, I still use these recipes for our family (Toddler is now 2).

No need to boil/microwave fruit or mash anything for them. The idea of BLW is that they learn to chew the food. Their gag reflex is further forward and they should be able to spit the food out if if goes too far in the mouth. Roast veggies but just don't overcook them. We steamed our veggies and our boy started with carrot, zucchini and beans. Just cut them into sticks (big enough for them to hold and bite/suck) initially then change the cut to suit their development. They will eventually learn to chew and eat the food when they realise food is satisfying their hunger.

Tip: put an easy to clean mat under the chair, it will be very messy for a little while as food is just for play for a while. You can give them any foods except runny eggs and honey until they're about one. I just introduced different foods to get my toddlers stomach used to new food other then milk and to test for allergies.

It is a great way to help with your child's dexterity, speech development, hand/eye coordination and generally a pretty good eating routine. We went overseas when my boy was about 8 months old and it made it very easy for him just to share our meal rather than packing lots of pre-purchased baby food.

There's nothing wrong with starting earlier than 6 months - you just need to make sure she is able to sit unaided and another readiness sign is that she's actually trying to take food or has an interest in eating and can take it to her mouth.

Good luck and have fun!
Thanks everyone, I gave her some food to try the last few nights - just some of my plate she new exactly what to do, she pick it up squished it ALOT (so cute) and got a little bit i her mouth and chewed.

She was so ready, thanks again!
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