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why doesnt my 6 month old want to eat yet? Lock Rss

My baby has just turned 6 months old so I've been making a conscious effort 3 times a day to offer pureed food but she clenches her mouth shut and turns her head. If I'm lucky I can get a few spoonfuls in but she's not exactly looking for more. She's breastfed on demand and some days it feels like she is demanding milk every hour or so, very tiring!! I really thought she would love food so now I'm getting all worked up and frustrated that it's not working out! She isn't sitting up unaided yet so she has been sitting on my knee when I offer her food. I'm now wondering if she's getting all the proper nutrition just from my breast milk as experts say food @ 6 months is essential for their health at this stage. Help please!

My little girl is 7 months & has been on solids for 5 weeks & I havnt had the easiest time either. She is getting better but I am sort of having the same issues, she was closing her mouth & not looking for more but I've recently found a favourite food which is farex baby cereal. She is getting better & I think in last few days she's got the hang of opening her mouth (after 5 weeks though!) but at first I was really worried too as to why she wasn't really interested as my first baby couldn't get enough of food. It must have something to do with wether they are ready or not.
I've been mixing food with a little farex or food just on its own but haven't yet got the right one yet lol! I made lots of homemade veges and froze them but feeling like its easier to just buy the jars/pouches, how lazy ha-ha! Well here's hoping just like your wee girl telana my girl soon decides food is yum!

Have a Google of baby led weaning. This has worked great with my two boys.
Personally I don't think you need to worry, your little one will eat when hungry and it's important not to stress about it as mealtimes should be fun times smile
Ds2 is nine months now and a great eater (I think), some meals he barely touches his food, sometimes he wolf's it down. I trust him to know when he is hungry. I would be concerned if he wasn't doing regular week and pooh, but they are fine and he sleeps through, so I'm not worried.
I think it took about 5 weeks from introducing food to when Ds2 started doing more than just touching it and putting it in his mouth.

Try this link about baby led weaning
Hiya, my almost 8 month old doesn't like his food either. I'm demand breastfeeding also. From what I've learned they are getting what they need from our milk & anything else is a bonus. I've found squishing a bit of chicken or veggies between my fingers & feeding him that he likes it better than being spoon fed. Keep trying. Baby led weaning seems like a good idea also. Messy, but good!
So just in the last few days my baby has decided that custard is yum to eat yahoo! She's willinginly opening her mouth for the spoon and cries out if the bowl finishes! I've also been lengthening out her breastfeeds too which is challenging because she still demands quite often and tends to snack feed. Hoping that she's beginning to get the hang of eating food and this may make her fuller and not be so demanding for the breast!

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