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Tongue tied and chewing! Lock Rss

Hey there, my 16 month old has tongue tie which was not corrected when she was little because I could breastfeed fine( although now I look back and could have been better-she spewed for 10 months!) anyhu she eats solids and is an awesome eater will eat anything but she can't seem to chew properly and dribbles non stop which I think will most probably be from her tongue..has anyone had this happen with their bub?and if they got the snip did it improve? I'm thinking of taking her to a gp to get refered for the procedure because it would be so much easier for her if she could chew/ swollow properly.she just gulps most food down.she ate a banana faster than my 9 year!
I would prefer to get it snipped, many experts recommend it to be done in early life; very simple and 2 minutes procedure. However, older babies and certainly those over the age of 9 months will need a general anaesthetic. It only takes a minute or so and can be performed in an outpatient clinic.
Tongue plays an important role in eating; it is responsible for moving the food from left to right so it can be properly chewed. It could be frustrating for your little girl to not being able to properly wet the food with saliva in the mouth and start digestion because the tongue can't move the food as it should. Food aversions or preferences because of how easy or difficult they are to chew, can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Tongue-tie division at any age will help these babies, who are unable to transfer food from the front to the back of the mouth or chew properly.
My friend’s son has got it snipped when he was around 4 months old. He is now 3.5 and has no problem in chewing, swallowing. He speaks just as like any normal kid so overall they are happy about it.
I never really heard about tongue tie before, I only came about this topic because I was researching if it's normal that my baby chews her tongue all the time. I was wondering whether it was because her teeth are about to come out. I think I've read somewhere that baby chewing tongue is one of the signs of teething.
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