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When to start baby on solids? Lock Rss

Hi all, my son will be 4 months on the 26th of this month, I'm just wondering when did you start your baby on solids? At four months or later? I've been reading up on the Internet and it says you shouldn't start the baby on solids until he can sit by himself, but I've got friends who have kids and say as long as he can hold his head up well, then it's ok to start them if need be. What does everyone else think? I'm very excited to start him on solids! I cannot wait! It's a change from the normal bottle every 3-4 hours which I reckon is getting boring lol
I know he will love his food when he gets to try it, he loves his bottles and he's a little chubba bubba lol
Any advice would be great smile

I started my son at 5.5 months and to be honest he wasn't ready. I'd wait until he's sitting (at least if supported in a chair if not independently) and showing interest in food (mimicking chewing while you eat, grabbing for your food). With hindsight my son wasn't ready when I started and I think it's led to all the difficulties we've had introducing food.

However if he looks like he's ready then go for it. Although they say wait these days our parent were told the opposite and all started feeding their bubs before 4 months. I think each baby is individual. You can always try and if he's not interested wait a few weeks.
I started at 5.5 months. I was more ready than he was I think lol! He did ok though so we stuck with it.

The thing to check for is if they've lost the tongue thrust reflex yet. If not then they're not really ready and will just push the food out of their mouths.

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I too started at 5.5 months. I wish I had waited a little longer. I wouldn't rush to start solids. Also look at the options there is baby led weaning too.
We started just before 6 months - My Child health nurse said to start at 6 months but my little girl was showing so much interest before that.
Just started with some veggie puree at lunch time and slowly introduced new foods and increased amounts.
Thank you ladies smile I might wait until he starts showing interest in my food, or I can tell he is still hungry after a bottle. What is best to start on? I'm going to try infant rice cereal first, that way he can have formula in it and might take to it better smile

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