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Cows Milk allergy Lactose intolerant ? Aptamil allerpro Rss

My baby has been having tummy issues since 8weeks old (now 14weeks)
We ended up in hospital for 4 nights after she had a reaction to 2ml of formula !! She was in so much pain screaming and vomiting and then went lathargic it was scary stuff
So now she has seen a paediatrician and he put her on antibiotics as he thinks her bowel had a bacteria and it’s done some damage causing a dairy intolerance
I decided that formula was a better option for us with this intolerance so I’ve put her on Aptamil Allerpro Gold and she has been on this the past week
She has settled a lot !!
BUT since 2 days ago she is doing one explosive green frothy Pooh a day and now I’m wondering if I should be worried again or not
She seems content enough ?
She does also suffer a bit of reflux

I’m just wondering symptoms and outcomes of babies with a cows milk protein intolerance or lactose intolerance?
It might be an allergy for cows milk. It is highly allergenic. Wh not use a baby formula instead?
Yeah it sounds like the baby might be lactose intolerant. If I were you I would suggest you go to your pediatrician and discuss it with him. But when I was in the same situation as you (when I was feeding my 4 month old baby cow milk) he has tummy aches and he would cry. I also noticed that his poop was more liquid and he had a little rash on his behind. It kind of freaked me out so I went to my pediatrician. I told him everything what happened. He said it might be allergy or an intolerance so he suggested I go to a specialist and get my baby tested. I went to an allergist who gave me contacts to a private lab that does food intolerance and food allergy tests so that I could test my son. They took about a vial of blood and tested him for about 50 different allergens. He is lactose intolerant so I only give him almond milk. He is feeling very well though. So yeah I feel like you should get your baby tested as well.
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