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9mth and still has strong extrusion reflex! Rss

Hi all, firstly I am new to this site, I have two daughters, one is 23mths and one almost 9mths.

My 9mth old still has a very strong extrusion reflex and I am wondering if anyone else out there has experienced this at this age? It makes feeding her virtually impossible, she opens her mouth to eat and then pushes it all out! She barely gets through a tablespoon of food at mealtimes and wakes through the night 2-3 times for a bf. She bf about 7 times a day. It's exhausting!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I really thought the reflex disappears around 6-7mths old.

Hi my son who is almost 7 months has reflux, he throws up all the time, and I mean all the time, I go through bib after bib. I have taken him to a pediatrician. He will be refluxy until he is walking apparently. As far as not eating the food, not sure, perhaps you should look at taking her to a pediatrician, have you tried karicare food thickner, it helps to keep food/milk down.

Ann-Marie Qld 4 month baby boy

Have you not gone to a pead as yet ? as i am assuming they would ned to get her checked out first
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