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At what age do you start to give baby mashed food Lock Rss

Hi everybody
My DD just turned 7 months and I am starting to introduce her to mashed food. She doesnt seem to like it that much. She does not have any teeth yet and seems to chew the food but keeps it in her mouth. She occasionally coughs so as to get the little bits of food out of her mouth (sweet darling!). When she does swallow the food she makes the funniest of faces. I also give her pureed food so she doesnt go hungry together with either yoghurt or custard.
Does anybody have any ideas on how I should go about giving her mashed food.
Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Josy
I was giving Jeb mashed food from around 5 months. He just doesn't like pureed food, won't even eat custard until now (9mths) but has always loved yoghurt.
Try mixing half mash with half puree and slowly reduce the pureed food or time until she's used to just mash.
Also try giving her finger foods every now and then to get her used to chewing. Things like cubes of cheese, pieces of ham, par-steamed carrot sticks or broccoli flowerets or even milk arrowroot biscuits. This should help her get used to foods that aren't smooth and help her learn to chew her food instead of just swallowing....Jeb still does this if he's really hungry, he forgets to chew!!
They don't have to have teeth to "chew" Jeb didn't get any teeth until he was 7 months and they get their front teeth first which don't help chewing.....I always wonder why they get the front ones first???? Surely the molars would be more useful??
Anyway, take your time. There's no race and she'll let you know what she likes smile
my bubs who is also 6 months hates mashed foods
i just started giving her toast the other day(without the crusts)

but i will give watermalon and avacodo a go sounds great!!!

p.s she loves the toast on her gums


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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