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2 questions - snacks & deli meats Lock Rss

I'm just wondering at what age did you start giving your bubs snacks..apart from brekkies, lunch and dinner?
Also when is it alright to give bubs deli meats like chicken loaf etc?

Don't know about the deli meats, but as for snacks my DS has afternoon tea & has been now for a few weeks. We just started him when he didn't seem to be able to make it from lunch to dinner & I bottle alone just wouldn't cut it. I think your bub will tell you when they are ready!

Hi ya Gizmo, in regards to deli meats you should wait until they are 12 months of age due to Listeria. Remember way back when we were pregnant and had to avoid certain foods due to the possibility of listeria...cold meats, soft cheese, sushi, soft serve ice-cream.
By 12 months of age bubs immune system can handle this bug if it comes into contact with it.

I cannot wait to be able to offer more convient foods!!


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