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Hi Ladies, my little boy is now four months old (this is my first baby) but is still throwing up constantly, all day every day. I don't have much experience with babies but I have never seen a baby throw up so often and so much - or at least it looks like a lot to me. No sooner do I change him into clean dry clothes and he's throwing up again and I have to change him (and myself!!) again. He even does it in his sleep!! My first thought was maybe he has reflux but Dr says no as it does not seem to bother him. One minute he is smiling and giggling then just throws up then goes back to giggling. Dr also says he is gaining weight ata good rate so I should not be concerned. Is there anything I can do? I understand some babies are just very pukey but is very frustrating. I try not to lay him down too quickly after a feed but doesn't make a difference he throws up sitting up or laying down. Is it worth trying him on a thickened formula? My hairdresser suggested putting farex in his bottle to thicken it a little - is this a good idea? I know eventually he will grow out of it but maybe you have some ideas??
Brooke had a bad reflux and did the same thing although the reflux never bothered her.

But with your baby you never know it might be reflux or it is true that some babies do throw up alot.

If bubs doesn't care give it time Brooke slowed down her throwing up around about the time she started solids.
im sure me and one other mum on here can really help you out

Your bub sounds just like my DD
She has never been in pain,just has a really good gag reflex,nothing to be worried about at all,though its a great time to invest in Extra large bibs!!!

DD can do some pretty impressive projectile vomits that fly through the air(the dogs always on hand to catch the falling goodies)

ooooo,that prob sound gross :{ xxx

its all fine hunny

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi There,

My son had reflux really bad.. It seemed all I did was change and wash clothes covered in vomit!!!

My son was never really in any pain, but I was told to change him to a thickened formula, he is on the Karicare HA-AR and that seemed to work, he still has a little spew every now and again but nothing like he was before..

Have you thought about trying a thickened formula?? It doesnt hurt them in any way to change as I asked my CHN if I should change him to a "normal" formula now as he doesnt have the reflux anymore and she told me that the thickened stuff wont hurt them.. I would think it would be better then putting farex in the bottle..

Maybe pop into the chemist and ask them to show you the AR formulas,I know that S26 has one in a peach coloured tin and the normal Karicare AR is in a dark green tin..

Hope this has helped.. Let us know what you decided to do..


i have a pukey baby! a very pukey baby lo.
he is 9months old now, and still hasnt grown out of it. i breastfed for 5months then had to change him to formula coz he was just spewing way too much. that didnt make much difference, i put him on the karicare AR formula that someone else mentioned. it did help a bit but not a hell of alot. now that he eats heaps more, it has slowed down a bit as there is more weight in his tummy.
we have had many appointments with specialists, and they all were amazed at the amound he spews. we had a barium swallow done (where bubs lays under an x-ray and has to drink this special formula) and they said they didnt see any sign of reflux? which stunned me really.(they were all trainers!)
he is on medication called losec which stops the pain, but not the spewing.
all the specialists i have seen said that he had a weak tummy valve, so when he burps it dosent shut properly - therefor the goods come up. it will definately strenghthen overtime.
so i know what you are going through - its horrible - and i acnt imagine it would be very nice for them to be spewing all the time :S poor little things.
good luck!! it will pass hopefully!!
oh and about the weight thing - cadens the same, he has a really steady weight gain so were not too worried about that side of it. he is obviously getting enough to make him gain weight, god only knows how!!
my partner and i have got a spewey gal,4 mths old, and she has been like that since day 1.
we have tried everything with her but nothing work, so we just came to the conclusion that she is just a spewey baby.
We tried Thickened formula karicare, farex in her bottles, karicare normal formula, karicare goats milk and heinz formula.........and nothing worked.
BUT the heinx formula did slow her down a bit, she still throws up but no where near as much, maybe she is growing out of it.
I just think some babies are meant to spew ALL the time.
You might wanna try some of the things i did and see how your boy goes.....but if it don't work just keep washing everyday, like me, and make sure ur washing machine don't die in the ass, LOL.
If you want add me to MSNGER and we can chat about our spewey bubs.
[email protected]
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