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Wont eat or drink! Rss

I have a 6.5month old son whom has been on Solids since he was 13weeks due to him being a big boy.He took to Solids quite well but now has become so picky he wont eat vegies,custards,yoghurts and just turns his head or spits it out.Somedays he will eat others not.Its very stressful and driving me mad.Meals times are a battle and Im at my wits end.Also now he is starting to reject the bottle and fights when he has it.What can I do?

KL,NSW,son born 22/3/04

I experience the same sort of problem when my daughter was little, she wouldn't take me or the bottle. In the end we discovered she had a blocked nose and was struggling to breathe. Sorry not really sure what to suggest, have you tried talking to your child and youth health nurse, they are fantastic i swear by them. They always seem to have an answer for everything.... or at least give you some where to start.

Good Luck

Jayne, #1 Chloe 15/05/04

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