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dream feeds/ rollover feeds??? Lock Rss

my son 14 wks, used to sleep from 8ish til 530-6am
now al of a suddon the last 2 wks he has been waking between 2-3am should i dream feed or should i do what another mum suggested and replace the 2am feed with water she said eventually her daughter stoped waking for it knowning she'd only get water???/

OR!! do u think he's just growing at the moment???
his teeth r also moving around a bit but have been for 1 month now????

so many questions hope someone can help!!!

***haydens mum***

if you say his teeth are moving round then he is most likely not hungry,its most likely pain!!!

though he is still young and may still need a feed

though if he usually sleept through without it then i;d say its teeth


Lillie....1 year old!!!

pardon my igonorance, what is dream feeds/rollover feeds?

ELI 4mths

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