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TOFU Lock Rss

I received a great book from my MIL called "Feed Me" with all sorts of recipes for bubs through to toddlers. One puree receipe is for Tofu, Spinach and Fennel which I thought was a bit adventous but I gave it a go and to my surprise DD loved it!

I've never eaten Tofu before so I don't know how to store it or whether I could make a bulk lot of this recipe and freeze it?? Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Rachel, WA, Isabella 15/10/05

Yummy!! Well except for the fennel I hate that sutff but it is really really good for wind & tummy aches so I imagine it's great for bubs.

I eat tofu quite a bit (cooked for a vegitarian sister) but I have never frozen it so I am not sure, but I would imagine if it's pureed you should be able to freeze it. I just keep it in a tupperware container un wrapped and it keeps ok. If you ever wanna cook it for yourself it's great is stir frys with a bit of peanut butter it's like satay!!

I might have to look for that book...sounds good!

Natalie QLD, Alisha Rose 13-12-05

Thanks Natalie!

It really is a great book... some really weird and wonderful creations, Beetroot Butterbean and Apple for example!! Funnily enough DD loves the ones that sound horrifying smile

It's written by Gerrie Hawes if you're interested.

Thanks again.

Rachel, WA, Isabella 15/10/05

It might say on the recipe of in the book somewhere if you can freeze it.

Ill ask my partner, he'll know


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