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4 month old from bottle to starting bland solids Lock Rss

My daughter is 4 months old today, she has been bottel fed from 2 weeks of age and about 1 week ago we started on the tinyiest amount of farex and gradually till we got 2 1 teaspoon a day. Grace is such a hungry baby so thats also why she started before the 4 months of age. I am wondering how you go about introducing things lilke potato and all other vegies.

Also has anyone heard of giving 1 vegie at a time until they are used to it and whether you should mix them together or seperately. What should I do, please some great recomendations for us to try.


Nikbud 20 month old

Hi Nikki,

I suggest that you try a little bit of pear or apple next mixed into the farex and see how she goes. It is also advisable if you try only 1 fruit or 1 veg at a time to see if your bub gets any reactions for atleast 5 days. Then you can start mixing a couple of vegies together ie, sweet potatoe and pumpkin is a good one to start off with. And also keep in mind that your bub may not like the taste to start off with (may pull lots of strage faces) but don't give up try for atleast another 7 attemps before you give up. Hope this helps you out.

Mummy to Ryan 22.10.05 & Luke 11.9.07 Tassie

I agree with the other posts but just wanted to say that when you introduce a new food do it early in the day say late morning or early afternoon so that if it disagrees with them you are not up all night.

Just do one solid feed a day until they are having about half a cup then add another solid feed until they are having three a day. Don;t be in too much of a hurry its no problem if this takes a couple of months as their formula is still their main source of food and their iron stores only start to drop after about six months of age which is when solids becomes more important. Always give bottle first as this is still their main source of food until about 8 or 9 months and the solids is just a top up. There is good information about all this on this website.

We are about to try meat which should be interesting.

Have fun its really great to watch bubs experience foods for the first time - messy too!!

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

I just wondered how do you know if you have a "hungry" baby. Everyone tells me that my DD (3 months old) is "hungry".
Can somebody help me I have a 4 month old boy. He is feeding every two hours and not even drinking 120mls at a time. He is on infasoy due to reflux should I try him farex to fill him up as he is not interested in the formula.
Hi my son is 4 months old havn't yet tried him on solids mite start today with some rice ceral. You can give your daughter, finely mashed pumpkin, potato, carrot, parsnip, sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower. Also mashed fruit such as apples and pears.

You offer one food at a time I was told by my health nurse, and give it to them 3-4 days berfore starting another one. It allows you to pinpoint any food which may caouse a reaction.

Hope I've been helpful

Amy, Vic, 4 month baby

hey there. my baby is also just four months old, and i have started her on vegies. she loves it so much more than farex. she wouldnt swallow her farex at all, but eats all her vegies. i found that if you buy the jars, or make your own, to put them in an ice cube tray, to freeze, and use only one cube at a time to start with. that way it is containing all the goodness and nutrients, and its saving you on wasting the food if it doesnt get eaten. i found that sweet potato, carrot and parsnip is really good.. my baby loves it.
i found that farex wasnt a really very good for my baby, i tried it, and my bub rejected it, so if your willing do try it. I found it so exciting that she loved her vegies. i first tried her on the heinz baby puree 4-6 month sweet potato parsnip and carrot, just to see wether she liked it, and she does. but its up to you wether you buy the jars, or you make it yourself. i havent yet made it myself, but am going to. and about mixing vegies, i dont have a problem with it, as i seem to think that the flavours mixed will be more flavoursome for our little bubs, rather than trying one at a time. but its still up to you, you cant really go wrong. if they dont like something, then you persist, and then if they still dont like it, try something else, or do mix it with another vegetable. also i was told to start vegetables befor fruit, as fruit is sweeter, and if a bub has something sweet first, it will expect everything to be sweet. thats why starting with the bland vegies first and introducing fruit later is supposed to be better, and more easier for the mum or dad to get their baby eating vegies. i hope i was a help for you.. goodluck with it all.. smile

mum of Lucy & Briley

Hi There
my daughter is nearly 5mths and i started her on farex when she was 3mths, a tiny bit to start with and now she has about a tbls for brekky every morning. After she got used to the taste of the cereal i added pureed apple, then after a week i changed to mixed fruits, and atm the she has apple and mango in her cereal. She loves them all.
At about 4mths a tried her on some meat and veg, Heinz Beef Potato Pumpkin at dinner time (about 6 or 7pm), she absolutley adores it. Last week i introduced her to Heinz Chicken Noodles and Vegies, loves that too. I buy the small tins and since last week i've found that my daughter can get 3 meals out of the one tin, she loves her solids.
She still has her bottles through the day and one between midnight and 2am, depending what time she goes to sleep, normally around 8 or 9pm.
Between giving her the Beef and the Chicken, i tried just straight vegies, with no meat, that wasnt very successful, she got bad belly aches after eating it, so im waiting a little while b4 attempting it again.
Hope this all helps a little.

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