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Canned fish Lock Rss


I'm just wondering if it is safe to give babies canned fish? Kyla is 8 months and I read something that says they shouldn't have canned fish in brine but I wonder if canned fish without brine is alright?
Hubby and I arn't really fish people (unless its flake from the fish and chip shop) but I would love bubs to like it.

Thanks smile
Hi Gizmo,

Umm I'm not sure, it may be worth while checking it with the clinic nurse before offering, maybe some other mums can answer your question as I wouldn't mind knowing myself. Sorry, I was of no use!

Mummy to Ryan 22.10.05 & Luke 11.9.07 Tassie

Hi Gizmo, I really like your questions, They are usually things that I have just dealt with as my guys are 11 months.
I use canned Tuna in Springwater.
They love tuna bakes...really easy to make.
They don't like it when it is on its own, I have to really mix a small can into a big batch of vegies to dilute the taste. I have also given them the flavoured tuna...the tomato based ones, again I have to mix them with a lot of vegies.
If you wanted to, the flake from the fish and chip shop is good for them too. If you get the battered flake and take off the batter, this fish is basically steamed and very little oil/salt if any. Next time you get your fish and chips, offer straight flake, or put it in with bubs dinner.
I also make up batches of steamed fish and white sauce. I add this to vegies and they like it too.
I will now wait for your next question LOL


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