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When can they feed themselves????? Lock Rss

Just curious as to when others have let their bubs feed themselves.
My son is 9 months old and can hold things really well.
I give him finger food to eat but will still feed him the bulk of his feeds myself.

Would love to hear when others let their bubs self feed.....


Rileys Mum - 11 months

Hi there, I let my guys feed themselves at lunch time...brekkie is too messy, and dinner, I just want them to eat, bath, bottle and go to bed.
At lunch it's pretty relaxed I just give them a sandwich, sultanas, banana or canned two fruits.
I just put it all onto their highchair trays and let them go for it.(I don't put it all down at once, just a bit here and there) While they are eating and playing with the food, I offer them a bit of yoghurt too. It is pretty messy, but they love it. I have really noticed how much their finger control has improved. Most of the sultanas now actually end up in their mouths and not dropped before they get to their mouths.


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