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solids is it making him play up Lock Rss

Hi i am hoping some one can help me.

My son caleb is 4 1/2 months old and we have just started solids, he alsways has a small bottle after the food but is beginning to drive me nuts with just being grizzly and not wanting to slee.

He used to be an excellent sleeper and now wakes 5 -6 times a night but does not want a feed i just have to stick his dummy in and he goes to sleep.

I thought it may have been the food and starting him to soon, so i tried to just go back to a bottle but it makes him even worse.

Has anyubody ese had this problem and if you did have you any idea get him back to what he was like previously

Rochelle, NT , DS Caleb DD Brooke

are you giving him solids before or after his bottle? This was Jeb routine he was on at 4-5.5months. I'll put in where he would have had solids but he wasn't on 3 solids until he was 6 months (if that made sense?)...
7am - wake, 200ml bottle
8am - solids
9am - sleep
11am - wake, 200ml bottle
12pm - solids
1pm - sleep
3pm - wake, 200ml bottle
4:30pm - nap
5:30pm - solids
6pm - bath
6:45pm - 200ml bottle
7:15pm - bed
10:30pm - dreamfeed
Just thought I'd give you an idea of what worked for us. Hope this helps smile
hi Rochelle
is ther any chance you ds could be teething,this will cause grizzliness and constant waking at night?

is he: chewing on everthing
putting everything in his mouth
have rosy cheeks
constantly irritable
runny nose
not sleeping

any of these could mean the start of teething, yet it may be months before any teeth make an appearance


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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