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He only wants to feed himself! Lock Rss

My 10 and 1/2 month old has started refusing his spoon fed meals and wants finger food only. The last 2 nights he has refused his dinner and I have had to give him alternatives. Last night he had fish fingers and hashbrowns because they were fast. Has anyone else had this problem? Do they just get to the stage where they want to feed themselves? I thought I would make up some rissoles with lots of veges in them so he is still getting all the stuff I put in his home made food but he can feed himself. Any ideas?
Hey Lisa - you have some good ideas there, might pinch a few myself actually. Do you find your bubs will let you shove a spoon inbetween them feeding themselves with finger food? I find with DD that I can either do that, or give her her own spoon and now bowl with a little bit of food in it. We're kind of inbetween stages I think. Some-times DD is happy for me to feed her, other times she insists on doing it (attempting with a spoon) and other times she cracks it unles she has some finger food and I can shove a few spoons in. Its a bit of a lottery.

Best of luck

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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