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Anyone elses bubb go off food when teething? Lock Rss

Hi, my dd is teething again the last couple of days and has almost completely gone off all solids, she still has 5 breastfeeds a day but the solids is a no go. She just turns her head away and refuses.
She did the same the last couple of teething times as well.
Anyone else?

dd b. 31/07/05

My son got his first 2 teeth at 5 months which he wasnt on solids yet so ha was fine but at the moment he is getting 4 top teeth at once with only one through so far and some days he wont touch his food except his favourite. He prefers to just have the breast when teething

seth and mia

DD is the same, even trying to get her to have milk or water is an effort. She's almost fully bottle fed now but I've found this time teething she wants to breastfeed again??? (probably for comfort more than anything).

One thing that she really loves is if I put some cold fruit from the fridge like rockmelon, watermelon, peeled plum and apple in a stocking sock (she sucks the juice through). She'll suck on it for hours and the soft mushy fruit must feel really good on her gums.

I'm really hoping that I see a third tooth this week, she's been teething and so grotty for about three weeks now! I'll be interested to see which come through first, she already has her two bottom teeth and I was expecting the top two this time but she's been chomping down on her bottom gums to the side of the teeth she already has... so I dunno???

Goodluck and I hope your bubs pearlies arrive soon smile

Rachel, WA, Isabella 15/10/05

Yeah my little girl is 8 months and from her first tooth at 5 months, she always goes off her food for a couple of days just before her tooth cuts through. So far she has 4 teeth, was off her food this morning and biting her bottom lip so I'd say her top teeth are on their way.

Nikki H, Perth, 8mth baby girl

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