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cheese and finger foods Lock Rss

hello, just wondering wot age is it ok to start chesse?? my daughter is 7 months and im wantng to start her on some finger foods... any suggestions would be great.


little Lucy loves those Kraft cheese sticks, I tried her on cheese early but she loves it. AS well as vegemite fingers and roasted vegie fingers.

Nikki H, Perth, 8mth baby girl

Hi Jana
I was told 6-7months was a good age to start cheese but it has to be full fat cheese and not the soft cheese like brie etc. Just watch some of the pre-packed cheese sticks out there. Some are low fat which bubs don't need. They need their fat intake up to help their little bodies grow. I give Jeb just a mild cheese cut into finger size chunks or the Kraft cheesy pops.
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