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10mt old not wanting milk sorry kinda long Lock Rss

hi everyone (ok so just got a flash back of dr nick off the simpsons, huge simpsons fan, anyway)
my 10mt old ds hardly drinks any milk whatsoever. he used to be so good with his milk but in the last two weeks, he has been a nightmare. i should also add that his first tooth has just cut the gum so that may be why, but i am very worried about his milk intake.

his average day for the past two weeks has been
7 bottle of 200ml will drink half if im lucky
8 one weetbix with normal milk, gobbles that
10ish snack of cheese stick and/or sweet biscuit and water
10:30 nap
12 sandwich with vegmite of jam or whatever, usually eats about half, very happy with half, dont expect him to eat it all, a banana or some apple, and a 100g tub of yoghurt and water
3ish rarely ever though snack of cruskit or similar and water
3:30 nap
5 dinner of meat and veges and pasta, just normal dinner sftuff really, about 2/3 cup in total and water
6:00 bath
7 bed time bottle of 200ml but usually will drink half and then i have to force him with the rest but will prob only get another 20mls in after 20minutes of screaming.

so really he is having say, 300mls of milk 100g of yoghurt and one or two 20g cheese sticks daily, i try to give his as much dairy as possible to compensate but i still dont think its enough. he is just alot more into his food rather then milk.

my biggest concern is the bedtime bottle as 100ml isnt enough to get him through the night but when and if he does wake up he refuses milk but loves the water. he has slept though since three months up until he decided milk was boring 2-3 weeks ago.

what can i do to enourage more milk intake or do i just try and squeeze in more dairy otherways. thanks...renee
hey, I know exactly where you are coming from!!

My DD is 10 months and I have been going through this "no milk stage" for about 10 weeks. I do similar to you with the meals as well.

The ECHN told me that sometimes bubs can go off milk when they are teething though its not documented anywhere. She told me to still offer the food first then bottle. Also to try offering either the remains of the bottle or new milk in a cup.
She told me just to keep squeezing in other dairy into the food.

I was really worried as my dd is still very small (7.5 kg at 10 mths) and i thought people would think i was malnourishing her, but have been re-assured that she looks happy and healthy so all is fine.

There is not much more we can do but keep trying as we can't tip it down their throats.

I really do think it is a age/stage thing as 3 other mums at playgroup all with 10mth olds are going through the same thing.

hang in there...
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