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Constipation Lock Rss

Have just started DS who is 6 months old on solids. Have also just changed to Step 2 formula. His bowel motions were normal the first week but now is constipated. I give him water from a sipper cup after each solid feed. Anyone have any suggestions? Can you do the brown sugar and water treatment at this age?
You can try some home made prune juice or giving some pear puree.
Hi all!!!!!

I've noticed that alot of you ladies have a problem with step 2 formula.

I found out by looking at the nutrional imformation on the tins that they are the same as step 1. The only difference with the steps is that step 1 has smaller scoop than step 2.

I stayed with the same scoop as step 1 and don't have a problem.

Hope this
Hi there, I use to give my guys stewed apples and prunes to help with constipation...boy did it work. It made it(poo) smell kinda nice too LOL.
I tried prune juice, but they were not really into it.
Coloxyl drops do work, they are a stool softener, so they will not interfere with with the actual bowel, they just soften what is there.
Try stewing the prunes with the fruit...they love it and it's a better way of getting things moving. I use to give them a couple of table spoons of it at each meal plus something else if they were still hungry.
If you are still using Farex or other rice based ceareals..ditch them as they cause constipation big time.
Good luck


Hi there, that was my main worry 3 weeks ago when I started mitch 4.5 months old on solids!!
Someone on this fantastic site told me to feed him pureed pears for a few feeds and BINGO!!! it worked.his farts havent stopped since starting solids but atleast now he is pooing properly they dont smell, they just make me laugh as i can hear him fartng in his cot in his bedroom 6 metres away from mine!!!

Mum of Mitch

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