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Solids for a 5 month old Lock Rss

I started my little boy on solids last week. I am following Tizzie Halls routine. So basically I am breastfeeding and then giving solids an hour later.

I have been giving solids to him twice a day. When do I start it being 3 times a day?



There is really no rush, to give solids three times a day just yet, breastmilk in your case or formula is the most important sorce of nutrients for bubs until after 9 months old. Unless of course he seems hungry after taking all his breast feeds, and in that case perhaps you could just up the amount of his solids at his meal time. Congratulations on starting solids!! smile

whenever he is showing signs of still being hungry

give it a go whenever you like
i find the more solids my DD has the better she sleeps at night!!!!!

its fun and they love experiementing with lots of textures and flavours
i love meal times!!


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Jessica,

I have been wondering the samething for a while.. my daughter is 6 months and has been on solids for a month.

I spoke to my CYH nurse and she told me to introduce another meal when bubs is about 7months otherwise bub gets to big to quick and they wont drink as much milk as they should be and wont be getting all the nutrients they need...


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