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10 month old still not keen on finger foods Lock Rss


My son who is now almost 11 months actually, has been very slow in wanting to eat finger foods. We began offering them at around 8 months but he just wasn't really interested. Even now, he is very fussy and just not looking for food to put in his mouth. Unfortunately he has always been a fussy eater but we always keep persisting.

He will munch on the occasional piece of toast or biscuit but just about everything else we offer him he just refuses.

Has anyone else had this kind of problem? I'm freaking out thinking that I'll have to be mashing his food forever.
Is there anyone else out there who had a child that was slow getting going with finger food?

boys born 4/7/05, 14/8/08

my son is almost 10 months old and eats finger foods but doesnt like lumps of any sort in his normal food,

i found carrot sticks were a good starter i also put some into the freezer great for hot or those horrible teething days.

i started with teething rusk and arnott biscuits, and occasionally i give him some chips from a meal i brought or potato wedges ive cooked. he loves them, oranges are a big hit he likes getting it everywhere, apples but i found that strawberries gave him a nasty rash and he hates banana's.

hope ive helped

Mandy, QLD, BJ 05/08/05 & KJ 11/05/07

Hi Sarah
I started Jeb around 7-8months on finger foods for lunch. He never really ate much in the beginning but I just persisted until by 8-9 months he was eating a whole sandwich by himself for lunch everyday. I know it might sound a little rough but if he didn't eat his finger foods then he didn't get anything other than a little bit of yoghurt and a drink until tea time (only 3.5 hours away) I figured he was a big enough boy that he won't starve if he didn't have a proper meal and he soon learnt that he would have to eat his finger foods or wait until tea for a big feed. This worked for us and he now has a whole sandwich, a chuck of cheese and a mandarin or other fruit for lunch which he eats all by himself. Sometimes I give him carrot stick, broccoli florets, pieces of chicken etc.
My problem now is to get him to eat properly when I feed him tea. Just like Sarah, if I'm feeding Jeb tea he'll only have mashed (little chunky) food. It's like if I'm feeding him he goes all lazy and doesn't want to chew even though I know he can??? Males!!!
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