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Starting Solids 5 Month Old Lock Rss

I was wondering if someone could please give me there BF and solids food routine for a typical day. Today was the first day I introduced Zeke to rice cereal in the morning and he ate a full tablespoon mixed with breast milk no problem! Yeah! I then decided to offer it to him again in the evening. I BF at 6pm and then offered him the cereal again at 6.30pm. Once again he hoovered it down. I put him to bed at 7pm. Is this OK? Would love to read about everyone else's 'food routine'.
i am bottle feeding though i always offer food an hour after a feed

dd has between 3 and 5 feeds a day depending on how pekish she is


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Indie, i also have a 5 month old boy.He has been having rice cereal for about three weeks which he only had at tea time.His Daily food routine is :
7.00am Bottle
8.00am Ricecereal with either pear or apple puree
11.00am Bottle
3.00pm Bottle
5.20pm Pureed veg, carrot.sweet potato, pumpkin
apple and mango puree
6.20 Bottle
7.00pm Bed
10.00pm Dreamfeed
The reason for giving the solids first at tea time is it takes alot longer to digest so hopefully making kyle fuller for the night.Though he still wakes between 3 4am for a bottle.If you are introducing a new food always try it at lunch so if they have a reaction you are awake.Be aware not to overfeed when starting solids.I made this mistake as kyle kept wanting more so i gave more.He ended up having a terrible night with tummy pains.At this stage im not giving him anymore than 1 1/2-2 tablespoons at each meal.I hope this helps.Goodluck.


vickie,sa,8week old

Indie my little boy is also 5 months and has been on solids for 2 weekss. Here is a typical day.

8am - breast feed
10am- sleep
12pm- breastfeed
1pm- veg puree
4pm-breast feed
6.15- baby cereal
7.30pm- breastfeed and bed

I am just experimenting with different foods at the moment. I have given him apple and carrot puree. Tomorrow I am thinking of staring potato and then after that I will start pear.

They say to start a new food every 3 days and give it to them in the middle of the day to watch for a reaction. But after reading all these other posts I might start to put some apple and pear puree into his rice cereal at night. Once he has had a few different varieties of food, then I will cut the rice cereal out untill he starts to eat solids 3 times a day which will be at about 7 months.

Hope this helped you! I am not really sure, I am just basically doing the same thing as you......


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