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to mash or not to mash?? Lock Rss

When do I start my bub on mashed foods?

She is 6 months and been on solids for a month and LOVING them

She still has pureed meals, but I didnt puree the carrot to good and that is, well you could say mashed.... She seemed ok with it....

So do I mash all her foods now or keep with the purees?

My CYH nurse told me to get her on mashed soon otherwise it will be harder to do so..

What is your experience with mashed ? And when did you start?


hey ebz0027

id try mashed foods but some babies dont like lumps, haleigh was around 5 months when i started her on lumps sometimes she'll eat them and other times she wont.
i tried mashing potaoes, pumpkin first cause their softer, then i went onto things like kumara, carrot etc.

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

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