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not just vegies Lock Rss

When did you start your child on other things then vegie and fruit puree?

By that I mean soup??? And meat?? etc etc...

Just wondering as Khiarah has fruit puree with farex for brekkie and vegies for dinner and fruit puree for dessert...

Been like this for a month...Can I start cooking things like pumpkin/vegie soup? Meat?


Hi Ebz,
How old is she? It sounds like she has had a good start, and would most likely be ok to introduce pureed meats with whatever veggies you are giving her.My chart says from 6/7 mths. is a watties site with loads of info on the various ages, recipes etc.
I have only recently given my DS soup (home made of course!) but have only waited so long to reduce the mess. He loves it and wolfs down pumpkin soup!
Good luck!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

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