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6 month old still waking in the night Lock Rss


I'm breast feeding and my 6 month old son is on 3 solids a day, but he still wakes anywhere between 2-4.30 in the morning!!

We've now put him in his own room hoping that maybe we were disturbing him, but he still wakes up talking and cooing, he's wide awake. I have tried just leaving him to see if he will resettle, but he makes so much noise I'm afraid he will wake my other son, son it ends up just being easier to just go and feed him, then he goes off to sleep again.

I will also tell you that he is teething and he also has a cold, which could be contributing to his restlessness.

A usual day is:

Has a feed anywhere between 2-4.30am

Again has a feed, depending on when he had his last, around 6-7ish. If he didn't wake until 4.30, then he usually lasts until around 9am for his next feed.


Another feed around 10am, then solids, usually fruit puree.


Feed, around 1.30-2pm, then solids, usually puree veg, although he STILL doesn't like them, but I still offer them.


Feed, around 5.30-6pm, then solids, either veggies or fruit puree. Bath then bed by 7pm.

How does that sound to you. Its amazing how easily you forget eh!!

Look forward to your replies
If you've been doing this early morning feed for a while he's just probably so used to it that it's become part of his daily routine. I would try weaning it off him if you're happy with the amount he's getting during the day. Just make that feed shorter and shorter or offer water instead. Have you tried just seeing if he'll re-settle by himself? I personally found starting the day at the same time each day made a huge difference. May be try waking him at 7am each morning even if he's had an early morning feed and offer him more. This way he'll start the day on a full tummy and he might get used to it as you wean him off the early morning snack. You could also offer a top up just before you put him in bed or introduce a dreamfeed before you hit the hay.
It may also be that he is cold. Around 2-4am is the coldest part of the night so he might be waking because of that. Hope I given you some ideas smile
I have exactly the same problem, but my baby is 5 months old. She has the same schedule of feeding as you, and she's already on solids 3 times a day. I wonder what has happened since she was sleeping really well for 8 hours at night for a few days already. I supposed it's because of the teething, also because of her eczema.

I had her sleeping with me since she cries like there's no tomorrow, and I realise that she's scratching and scratching all night long, so I suppose that will be the problem, although she is gulping every feed i offered her early in the morning. I will try to wean her off with less feed and eventually will just give her water instead.


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