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food allergy recipe books Lock Rss

I am going to start feeding my baby solids at 6 months using the exclusion diet recommended by the Asthma Foundation due to Asthma in our families. They suggest for the first 12 months we exclude dairy, fish, soy, eggs.

Has anyone come across any recipe books appropriate for this age or recipes I can use. Hace dinner ideas but not many ideas for breakfast and lunch. Want reasonable variation so she isn't put off food!!


Jane, WA,Jan06Baby


I found this book at the library - Ellie doesn't have allergies, but there were some good recipes in it.

It called: Allergy-Free Cooking for Kids, by Antoinette Savill (with Karen Sullivan) - a guide to childhood food intolerance with 80 recipes.

There are some pretty good recipes in it and there are lots of options for different intolerances.

Hope this helps.

Dannii smile
hello janeF my baby girl has allergys to dairy,soya,nuts,eggs and other food product,i have a guide from the royal childrens hospital that i follow,baby cereal farex is ok missed with her own milk.are you breast feeding?i would say you have to make your own baby food,any vegie is ok here the foods your baby could eat at 6mths pureed apple and pear,and intuce the following individually potatoe,pumpkin,zuchini,squash,silverbeat,spinach,broccoli,cauliflower,sweet potatoe 7mths old cereal:plain rice products or rice noodles (egg free) fruit:banana or cooked apple or pear, vegetable oils:margarines,nuttelex,becel,sundew Extras:soup made from allowed vegetables,rice,chicken and lamb,golden syrup.8mths meat:start introducing lamb than chicken or beef cooked,minced or finely chopped snacks:soft fruit or rice crackers 9mths they can have green beans,carrots,cabbage and green peppers,dried beans (not soy beans or chick peas) or lentils in your cooking from 9mths old wheat can be added try plain breakfast cereal for example weetbix or vitabrit if tolerated and toast can be introduced and you may try plain spaghetti or noodles (with no egg or flavourings) 10mths cant have berries,citrus fruits,kiwi or mango remember use only milk free margarines no vegemite,peanut batter or jam suitable commercial foods:strained apple,fruit juice,rice cereal,apple fruit gel,strained apples,strained pears,strained banana and apple,breakfast cereals and rice products such as rice cakes and rice bubbleS. HEY DO YOU HAVE MSN MAY I ADD YOU.HOPE DIS LIST HELPS YOU

katie,victoria,mum to 2 beautiful girls!

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