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Meat Lock Rss

I have a fussy eater in the family - my 2 year old son Jacob. I started him on solids at about 4 1/2 months because i thought that was what you should do. I tried all the tricks that the books tell you to do and for a while he ate okay (fruits/vegies) but then he started refusing everything good for him and he wont eat meat! I have heard that beef in particular is good for development. He is in the high average for his weight and height so he is thriving but all he will eat is weet-bix, grain toast with honey(and not without!) Heinz banana custard, yoghurt, Puree Apple and straweberry in those goulburn valley fruit tubs, sultanas and bananas if they are disguised in drinks or pikelets. (he drinks lots of milk and juice and water too) but no meats, no vegies, and no pastas. He also wont move past the puree mushy foods (unless it is a chocolate biscuit or some other solid 'goodie'!!) I dont believe that my son is a vegetarian, but i do think that refusing to try anything new is a power thing. Does anyone have any advice on how i can encourage my boy to eat like we eat and any advice on how to avoid this situation with our daughter (5months old - she is still fully breastfed, no solids yet!)

Amanda NSW mother to Jacob & Katelyn

My son used to be fussy as well. And he still can be. During winter we made heaps of vegetable soup with meat in it. I pureed them and gave it to him. He didn't like it at 1st but he eventually got the hang of it. Just try to incorporate the meat in his other meals, puree if needed be. Try to make new meals every now and again.

He started solids faily late, around 6 months. As I wasn't keen on starting early. I think that you just play it by ear when it comes to feeding them. And I've learned that when they're hungry they'll eat anything you put in front of them.

Zita, QLD, Mum of Patrick

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