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Food with Alcohol Lock Rss

I sometimes make dishes for the family meals which contain red/white wine (ie spag bol, casseroles ect) . I only ever put a splash or say half cup of wine in them, but I was wondering .... now that DD is eating some of the family meal leftovers whether she can have these left overs or if they are not appropriate for her.

What do you think?
I wouldnt, but thats jsut me....

Would you give DD a sip of wine? Having said that it is cooked I guess so it is a bit 'better'....

Not to sure, i jsut wouldnt.... sad


The actual alcohol cooks out of the food. (that is why if you eat heaps of Christmas Pudding with brandy in it you don't get drunk!)

I think it will just be the flavour of the alcohol not the alcohol effect your bubs will get.

I am not sure how old your baby is, but i would say just take it easy ie just teh splash of wine till they are over 1 years.

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

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