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Lactose Intolerance - Please Help! (NB long post, but desperate) Lock Rss

Ladies, am hoping there's someone out there who can give me some advice!!

DS (61/2 months) was weaned from the breast some 6 weeks ago due to severe reflux (diagnosed by my GP) caused by too much milk and fast flow - I just couldn't handle feeding him, being engorged, and having to forcefeed Infant Gaviscon after each breastfeed... enough was enough (those that have read my previous posts will understand exactly what I've been through). I started DS on Karicare HA AR (which I've raved about in previous posts also) - but in the last 4 days, DS started puking again. After reading rave reviews about Novalac Reflux formula on this site, I thought I'd try it to see if it would calm down the voms... long story short, after 3 bottles yesterday - DS woke at 8PM last night screaming in agony, farted - then puked EVERYTHING (almost - I know it's impossible for them to puke everything) he'd had ALL OVER ME (it was massive). I then compared the formula tins and the Novalac is made from Skim Milk whereas Karicare HA AR is made from 100% Whey (still cows milk, but less senstive)... I've always had this feeling that DS was lactose intolerant because he'd really react to my breastmilk specifically after dairy products. Rang DP (who works away 1 week out of every 2) who said "it sounds like he's lactose intolerant" - light bulb went off. What now???? Rang CHN who said to see my GP, saw my GP this arvo and he said "I have no idea - see what you can find out, then come back in a month and let me know. These things have changed so much in the last 5 years" I KID YOU NOT!
I've reverted back to Karicare HA AR, but after Googling am wanting to try Soy or Goats milk but am a little hesitant after my last couple of days. Should I just continue with Karicare?

Can anyone help with advice please? Similar stories?

Also, if there's anyone in Northern Suburbs of Perth who use Novalac formula - I have a nearly new tin FREE TO A GOOD HOME. Email me at [email protected]!


Kerry, WA, DD 09/00 & DS 11/05

Hi Kez,

I am not too sure if this helps but I would perhaps go for a second opinnion regarding your baby's lactose intolerance. If you suspect also that it could be reflux which is not settling down perhaps when you see the GP you could get some medication for the reflux as the dose should be adjusted to your little ones weight.

Whatever you do, I would suggest try one thing first, eg. the change in formula or the medication for reflux, then you will know which one is having the effect on your babe's health.

Sorry that I am not much more help but you GP sounds very unco-operative and the comments sounded very inappropriate.

Sorry that you had to also wear baby puke, not nice.

Let me know how it goes,

Hi Kez,
I have 6 1/2 month old girl, who I tried to wean at 4 months. Tried Karicare and then S26 but she would puk terribly after the bottle (never puked breastmilk at all). I went to the Chemist and they said she is probably lactose intolerant. They sold me S26 Lactose Intolerant formula. She still puked after this bottle. I finally saw my Doctor who sent me to a Paediatrician. He Paed Dr sent my daughter for allergy tests and it turns out she is allergic to the protein in diary. This is becoming more common in babies. She was also tested for a Soy Allergy and she is not allergic to Soy, so we are going to start her on Infasoy. If she was allergic to Soy she was going to have Neocate (which is by prescription only).
My advice is to get a referral from your GP to a Paediatrician and then the referral from the Paed Dr for allergy tests. The allergy tests were free and they don't hurt the baby at all.
Now we know what direction to take and what will and won't make her sick.
Good Luck.
Hey there,

You are in luck my poor girl. I have a 5 1\2 yr old and a 3 1\2 year old who are both lactose intolerant and they also had reflux as babies.

There are a number of different options you can go for. I don't recommend goats milk formula. Soy formula is great but it is really very smelly but works ok. You can also get S26 LF, which is also a lactose free formula.

But what I ended up doing in the end was getting my GP to write out a script for lactose free formula. If you have a health care card it will cost you under $5 for 5 tins or if you dont it will cost you about $25 for 5 tins.
Although before you do this I would suggest you buy a tin too make sure he is indeed lactose intolerant.
Some other signs are a gurgly tummy, even though they may have bought up all their wind, vomiting and diaohrea.

For their reflux I used Zantac, which is really good.
I will ask one question your Gp sure your baby has reflux??
I have a 4th month old baby and for the last 3 1/2 months my GP told me she had reflux until I went to a paeditrian who told me she had colic, my GP thought they were the same thing. The treatment of the two are very different and within a week I had a different baby.

If you are still persisting with the breast feeding don't despair. There are lactose free milks that you can drink that dont taste yucky as well as lactose free yogurts and butter and icecream etc.

Hope I have helped.
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