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Feeding routine Lock Rss

Hi my bub is 5months and i still have no routine for her, she is a good sleeper and at night i have the bath dinner and bed routine but thats it.
I feed at different times day and night and i dont know how to begin more scheduled feeding so the day is a bit more predictable.
Even though she is a great sleeper i still cant get that into a routine. The only routine i have with sleep is bed at 7 and i dont get her up before 7am and i dont wake her it she sleeps later as she soon gets grumpy and needs to go back to bed shortly after.
My feeding and sleeping are all over the place, she is a good feeder and a good sleeper so i know i dont really have much to complain about, id just like to have her a bit more predictable as i cant plan anything as i dont know one day to the next how much or how often she feeds or how often or how long she sleeps.
I just dont know how to get started.
Any advice would be extremely appreciated.

Amanda,Perth,nearly 10 Month baby Girl

Hi Amanda,

Have you started solids yet? and do you BF or bottle feed?

At 5 months our routine was something like this.

7am - wake, bottle start the day on a full belly
9am - sleep, depend on how long he wanted to
sleep for usually 1 hour.
11am - bottle 250ml (sometimes 10:30)
1pm - sleep
3pm - bottle 250ml
4:30pm - a small nap if needed 40mins.
5:15 - bath
6pm - last bottle 250ml
7pm - Bed time

Our routine was Very loose, but I knew that I wanted to feed him every 3.5 to 4 hourly. we started solids at 5.5 months so I slotted that in about an hour after his milk feed at 8am and then 12pm (or after his mid day sleep). DS was never a really good sleeper, so most days I would have to put him to bed for little naps here and there so that he didnt get too cranky. And to make up his sleep requirements wich is about 16 hours and 45 mins, in a 24 hour period, at this age. So 12 hrs over night and 4.45 during the day. It does seem a lot more relaxed, when you have some sort of plan/routine worked out.

Hope you can make some sense of this grin .

Hi Amanda
This is roughly what Jeb was doing at 5 months. However he did drop the late afternoon nap around 5.5 months....
7am - wake, 200ml bottle
8:15am - solids
9am - sleep
11am - wake, 200ml bottle
12pm - solids
1pm - sleep
3pm - wake, 200ml bottle
4:15/30pm - nap (anywhere from 20-60mins)
5:30pm - solids
6pm - bath
6:45pm - 200ml bottle
7:15pm - bed
10:30pm - 200ml dreamfeed
Jeb wasn't on the 3 solids a day yet that I've typed in that's why he was still having a dreamfeed at night. This routine worked really well for us. Hope this gives you some ideas smile
Hey Amanda
My bubs is 8 months and our routine is as follows, I know it might be a bit ahead but I guess any ideas are useful hey. Oh and I'm from WA too, I live in Success!
7.00- wake and little bottle 120ml
7.30- breaky or cereal and toast
9.00- bottle
9.30- nap
11.00 wake up and play
12.00- lunch of fruit and yoghurt, cheese and a cruskit
1.30- bottle
2.00/ 2.30- nap
3.30- wake up and snack of custard or fruit jel
5.00- dinner
6.00- bath
6.45- bottle
7.00- bedtime
and my little one was waking for a bottle at 3.30am but has stopped the past 3 nights.
Hope this helps

Nikki H, Perth, 8mth baby girl

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