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Introducing solids Lock Rss

I have a four month old baby girl and have been trying to start solids as my milk is starting to decrease.
I have tried her on rice cereal and a few bland vegies.
She moves the food around in her mouth before spitting it out.
I have been trying for about a week now. Does this mean she does not want to eat or should i keep trying??
If anyone can help with this it would be appreciated
Hi maybe she is not ready, wait a day or too and try again, if your thimk your milk is drying up maybe you should see your dr for tablets to increase supply or offer bubby formula top ups as milk should be their main sorce of food at this stage.
I bf but my son has solids aswell as formula - trying to wean him onto formula as he is not satisfied with just booby... So your daughter will let you know if she wants food or not. The first weeks are pretty much trial and error... Hope all goes well for you soon

Hi there, I would definitely hold off on the solids if your baby girl is not interested. It is not worth it if she doesn't enjoy the experience. My baby has only recently in the last 3 weeks started solids and she is 9 months (she is totally breast fed!). She detested food, would lock her mouth when the spoon came near her...but now after waiting and giving her time, she enjoys eating and will eat anything. I'd say your baby isn't quite ready for'd be surprised how much breast milk babies get, even if you feel it is drying up! The body is an amazing thing!!!

Tamsyn, Melbourne, Morgan 6.9.05

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